Monday, October 13, 2008

Group Picture

From left to right: Yamila Chali, exchange student from Argentina; Agustin Parise, research associate with the Center of Civil Law Studies; Estefania Lara, exchange student from Argentina; Tatiana Vorobieva, LLM student from Kyrgyzstan; Celeste Fernandez, exchange student from Argentina; Olivier Moreteau, director of the LLM program; Kerime Gunturk, LLM student from Turkey; Matias Argarate, LLM student from Argentina; Liliana Noriega, LLM student from Colombia; Christelle Demangeat, LLM student from France; Juan Cordero, LLM student from Costa Rica; Jennifer Lane, coordinator in the Center of Civil Law Studies; and Helena Abebe, LLM student from Ethiopia.

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