Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reception at the Chancellor's Place

These pictures were taken on the occasion of a wine and cheese party, hosted by Chancellor Jack J. Weiss and his wife Candy, to honor the LL.M. candidates. Chancellor Weiss (on the right) and Professor Moréteau (on the left) appear in front of the eight LL.M. students in the first picture.

Each candidate was invited to say a few words about the LSU experience, thus revealing the wide cultural diversity of the candidates, the impact of the LL.M. program for each of them, and the atmosphere of the program which creates a setting forging life long friendships. Candidates spoke highly of the strong, welcoming, and always personable involvement of everyone administering the LL.M. program, as well as the exceptional approachability of the professors.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our LLMs Edit the Journal of Civil Law Studies

The newly created Journal of Civil Law Studies, published by the LSU Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS), is now accessible online at www.law.lsu.edu/jcls

Professor Olivier Moréteau, Director of the CCLS and Editor-in-Chief of the JCLS, and Agustin Parise, Managing Editor, are proud to acknowledge the contribution of our Graduate Editors: Volume 1 was edited by Helena Abebe, Matías Argarate, Liliana Noriega, Andrew Nyombi, and Tatiana Vorobieva, all 2009 LLM Candidates.

The Journal of Civil Law Studies is a comparative law journal, and a section publishes essays or comments by LSU students. It is hoped that present and future LLM candidates will continue editorial participation and will also contribute as authors.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our LLMs may have Access to the Louisiana State Bar!

The Supreme Court of Louisiana amended its rules, making the Bar Exam accessible to foreign lawyers authorized to work lawfully in the United States. Previously, the Louisiana Bar was accessible to US Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

Candidates must provide proof, in addition to full legal training recognized as equivalent to a JD, that they "successfully completed a minimum of 14 semester hours of credits, or the equivalent, in professional law subjects from an American law school, in any of the following categories: Constitutional Law, Contracts, Louisiana Obligations Law, Criminal Law, Corporations or Business Organizations, Evidence, Intellectual Property, Federal Civil Procedure, Louisiana Civil Procedure, Taxation, Uniform Commercial Code, and Torts, provided that no more than 4 credit hours in any one subject shall be counted toward this requirement."

LSU LLM students carefully choosing their courses will easily qualify for these 14 credits. In addition, their J1 visa status enables them to have a one year professional experience following the completion of the LLM, opening an opportunity to qualify to sit for the Bar Exam. If they pass the exam, they will earn admission to the Louisiana Bar.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Group Picture

From left to right: Yamila Chali, exchange student from Argentina; Agustin Parise, research associate with the Center of Civil Law Studies; Estefania Lara, exchange student from Argentina; Tatiana Vorobieva, LLM student from Kyrgyzstan; Celeste Fernandez, exchange student from Argentina; Olivier Moreteau, director of the LLM program; Kerime Gunturk, LLM student from Turkey; Matias Argarate, LLM student from Argentina; Liliana Noriega, LLM student from Colombia; Christelle Demangeat, LLM student from France; Juan Cordero, LLM student from Costa Rica; Jennifer Lane, coordinator in the Center of Civil Law Studies; and Helena Abebe, LLM student from Ethiopia.

To see the full story, visit http://www.law.lsu.edu/index.cfm?geaux=newsandpublications.newsstories&pid=00618A82-1372-69E5-F7396926CB31250C&bid=EF114F50-1372-69E5-F7A58C48228BF9F2

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tatiana Vorobieva

· Age: 26
· City & Country: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
· Home University: Kyrgyz - Russian Slavic University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
· Law Degree: 2004, graduated cum laude
· Areas of Interest: Business Law, Investment Deals, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking, ESOP.
· Other Information to Share: Edmund Muskie Graduate Fellow; Four years of experience in microfinance operations; Looking for internship in NY in summer of 2009

Andrew Nyombi

· Age: 25
· City & Country: Kampala, Uganda
· Marital Status: Single
· Home University: Makerere University, Uganda
· Law Degree: Makerere University, Uganda
· Areas of Interest: Income Taxation, Corporate taxation, Corporate Finance with particular emphasis on Private and Public financings and IPOs, debt and equity financings, Mergers and Acquisitions(including leveraged buy outs), Venture Capital Investments, International taxation, Corporate Governance Issues, Securities law Compliance, restructuring, cross boarder and leveraged financing transactions, international finance.
· Other Information to Share: “The more I know the less I understand” Chinese Wisdom. I am always guided by inquiry. LSU has an ingrained and sturdy culture of inquiry which drives a student to delve into their interests with the zeal of a spiritual. I feel perfectly at home here.

Lilly Noriega

· City & Country: Bogotá, Colombia
· Civil Status: Single
· Home University: Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Colombia)
· Law Degree: Attorney and Jurisprudent, 1997
· Areas of Interest: all International and comparative fields
· Other Information to Share: love sports (jogging, volleyball, tennis, golf). Enjoy all outdoors plans (walking, biking, hiking in National Parks)

Kerime Gunturk

· Age: 26
· Country: Turkey
· Marital Status: Married to Bahadir Gunturk (Assistant Prof. at LSU ECE)
· Home University: Selcuk University, Turkey
· Law Degree: 2005
· Areas of Interest: International Law, Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law.
· Other Information to Share: Enjoys photography and traveling, and is a cat lover.

Christelle Demangeat

· Age: 23
· City & Country: Lyon, France
· Marital Status: not married
· Home University: Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III)
· Law Degree: master 2 in international business law (Lyon III) 2008
· Areas of Interest: private international law, contract law (British, American, German), French history (WWII)
· Other Information to Share: I like rollerblading and go-kart riding

Juan Cordero

· Age: 27
· City & Country: San José, Costa Rica
· Marital Status: Married to Diana Chavarria ( an attorney also)
· Home University: Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho (Costa Rica)
· Law Degree: Abogado y notario público (2003)
· Areas of Interest: Contracts, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Insurance.
· Other Information to Share: Enjoy music and soccer.