Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our LLMs Edit the Journal of Civil Law Studies

The newly created Journal of Civil Law Studies, published by the LSU Center of Civil Law Studies (CCLS), is now accessible online at www.law.lsu.edu/jcls

Professor Olivier Moréteau, Director of the CCLS and Editor-in-Chief of the JCLS, and Agustin Parise, Managing Editor, are proud to acknowledge the contribution of our Graduate Editors: Volume 1 was edited by Helena Abebe, Matías Argarate, Liliana Noriega, Andrew Nyombi, and Tatiana Vorobieva, all 2009 LLM Candidates.

The Journal of Civil Law Studies is a comparative law journal, and a section publishes essays or comments by LSU students. It is hoped that present and future LLM candidates will continue editorial participation and will also contribute as authors.

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Oscar Delgado Vaca Guzman said...

Congratulations!, you`re doing a great job!